CEO Survival Skills

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In our previous blogs, we have outlined Awareness and Adaptability as two of the essential ingredients for CEO’s and Executives to not only survive but thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment.  Awareness of self, others and environment and Adaptability to constantly changing conditions and communication preferences.

What other Skills do we focus on in our #YPOForums and #EO Forums? “Creativity and Communications”.  While CEO’s might not hold the solution to every problem they leave Forum Retreats with increased understanding of their own thinking preferences and potential blindspots via individual #NBI (Neething Brain Instrument Profiles)  and increased understanding of the thinking preferences of their fellow #YPO and #EO Forum members.  Additionally, data from each individual YPO and EO brain profile is synthesized,  providing a picture of how the Forum thinks and tackles challenges as a group.

Equipped with an increased understanding of their thinking preferences, YPO and EO Forum members gather in retreats hosted around the globe. Here over the course of 3 to 5 days, executives and entrepreneurs learn and become skilled in facilitating the #creative problem-solving process or (CPS).  CPS is an ideal tool for #YPO Forums and #EO Forums designed to tap into the collective expertise of the group in solving real challenges, both personal and professional.

In “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life” published by Career Track, the 5 principles of surviving in the Wilderness are applied to leadership in both business and life.  In our next post, a look at Conservation of Energy.

  1. Awareness
  2. Adaptability
  3. Skill
  4. Conservation of Energy
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

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YPO and EO Forums GoGlamping


Glamping-YPO and EO Forums

YPO and EO Forums Go Glamping

We pride ourselves on seeking out and finding unique destinations for our learning adventures with YPO and EO Forums and Family Retreats that includes fabulous Glamping. Explore some of our favorite North American Glamping Adventures at Glamping

Why is Glamping cool for Executive Retreats?  Because it takes your forum member out of their Bored Rooms to discover the Nature of Inspiration for a true learning adventure.

What is Glamping? 

Check out Glamping Hub

From exotic tent camps to Sioux Style Tipis, unique retreat destinations can provide an awesome environment for your next Young President’s Organization and Entrepreneur’s Organization Forum or Family Adventures.

Here are 5 things to consider in selecting the destinations for your next YPO or EO Forum:

  1. Location, Location, Location: Select a location that fits with your forum’s travel time and destination preferences. The closer to nature and the more untraditional the lodging, the better.
  2. Privacy: Private Villas and Glamping Sites, designed for YPO and EO confidentiality are best. If you are the only group, you get both privacy and VIP attention to event design.
  3. Unique Onsite Experiences: Seek out lodging that offers onsite or nearby activities for experiential and social learning. From Fly Fishing to White Water Rafting the possibilities are endless and important to retreat energy and movement.
  4. Fabulous Food: Delight your Forum Members with memorable culinary experiences.  Seek out VIP experiences for your Forum with the Chef.
  5. Forum Meeting Space:  Be sure your group has a private area for meeting, learning and connecting in addition to WiFi.

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Retreat Activities for Executive Forums

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EO Forum in Niagara Falls – Axe Throwing

YPO and EO Forums: Retreat Activities that Promote Connection and Learning

If you’ve been tasked with organizing your next YPO or EO Forum or Family Retreat, your to-do list includes finding the ideal space and place as well as designing content and social activities that bring your forum to the next level.

At  EO Travel Destinations designing Experiential Learning activities are part of the winning equation for a successful YPO/EO Forum. Here are a few of the retreat activities we have incorporated into our YPO and EO Forums that produce learning, adventure and fun.

  • Axe Throwing
  • White Water Rafting
  • Ziplining
  • Cigar Appreciation
  • SpyCraft
  • Wine Tasting & Leadership
  • Group Culinary Adventures
  • Fly Fishing

Designing YPO and EO Retreat Activities

  1. Look for activities that have application to business and life:  As an example: White Water Rafting can reinforce the skills of adaptability and working and communicating as a team
  2. Mix up the Day: Meaningful retreats combine both content and fun.  Plan your agenda to include both each day.
  3. Seek Mind/Body Connection: Look for activities where there is a connection between mind and body.  In a recent Costa Rica retreat where the forum embarked on a ziplining adventure, forum members were asked to reflect on something that was no longer working for them. As members jumped off their first platform (creating a burst of adrenalin) they literally let go of what was holding them back in their business or personal life.
  4. Something to Write Home About: Consider a new adventure for the group that will not only create a forum memory and connection but provide an exciting postcard experience for individual forum members to share with colleagues and family.
  5. Activities that Connect: Experiential activities provide an ideal way for forum members to connect.  Seek activities that involve collaboration and shared learning.

The Young President’s Organization and Entrepreneur’s Organization offers two powerful networks for CEO’s to connect and collaborate so “It’s not so lonely at the top”

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YPO White Water Rafting Retreat



This is Your Brain: A Tool for YPO & EO Forum Members

NBI 2®


A common goal for our YPO and EO Forum Retreats is increased Self Awareness as well as achieving a deeper connection and trust among forum members. To achieve that goal  EO Travel Destinations completes an individual and forum assessment that identifies individual thinking preferences as well as how the forum thinks and operates as a peer coaching forum.

NBI® The Neethling Brain Instrument developed by Dr Kobus Neethling in South Africa, provides insight into thinking preferences which impact relationships and success in both business and life. YPO and EO Forum members note their Ah-Ha moment of increased awareness of how they operate and communicate on a daily basis and how applying whole brain thinking to business and personal relationships, including customer communications can increase their effectiveness.

NBI® Assessments are typically assigned as pre-work to YPO and EO Forum members before annual retreats where a deep dive into whole brain thinking and creative problem solving provides immediate take-home tools for CEO’s to navigate the tsunamis of business and life.

NBI® is one of the top assessment tools recommended in a recent article by Forbes Magazine for CEO’s Forbes Assessment Tools.

To bring the NBI® Assessment tool to your YPO or EO Forum or Chapter contact  or visit  EO Travel Destinations.


CEO Survival Skill: A Positive Mental Attitude

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In this EO and YPO blog series, we have focused on the 5 Elements to Wilderness Survival that also apply to surviving and thriving in your business and personal life: Today a focus on perhaps the most critical component of Survival: A Positive Mental Attitude.

  1. Awareness
  2. Adaptability
  3. Skill
  4. Conservation of Energy
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

Source: “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life” by Rosemary Rein, PhD

How does today’s CEO not only get but sustain a positive mental attitude?  A look at these daily practices of high performing executives may hold the key.

  • The Morning Power-up:  Research shows that how you spend the first 15 minutes of your day can have a powerful impact on positive thought patterns.  Hint: Watching CNN and checking your phone is not part of a powerful morning power up ritual. Rather, spending time with nature, reading something inspirational or journaling can help you begin the day with the right frame and focus of mind.
  • Next Action Thinking: Individuals who have experienced true survival situations often state they didn’t think “Oh No! I’m going to die” rather they focused their thinking on what was the very next action they needed to take to survive? Highly successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s not only had their eye on the end strategic game but critical next actions of the coming week and day.  They are masters of their own productivity asking what is the most effective use of their time and talents?
  • The Re-Frame:  Executives reporting sustained positive mental attitude point to their ability to reframe negatives into positives even amidst setbacks. The best example of this is celebrating failure with “FailFest”, ie recognizing and sharing lessons learned from failure to achieve the next success.
  • Evening Power-Down:  In our EO and YPO Forum Retreats, we often spend time on how executives bookend their days.  Just as important as the morning power-up is the power down as a time of meaningful reflection and focus.  Here are a few questions you might pose in your executive power-down:
  1.          What went well today?
  2.          What could have gone better?
  3.          Did I make at least one small impact today?
  4.          What am I grateful for today?
  5.          What are the three most important things to accomplish tomorrow?

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Conservation of Energy: A Key Survival Skill for Today’s CEO’s & Entrepreneurs

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In our prior blog posts, we reviewed 3 principles of Wilderness Survival that have direct application to business and life:  In this article a focus on the 4th Survival Skill: “Conservation of Energy” from our Leadership book published by Career Track that is shared at our #YPO Forum and #EO Forum Retreats.

“Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life”

  1. Awareness
  2. Adaptability
  3. Skill
  4. Conservation of Energy
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

There are two things you will never have enough of: “Time and Money”.  In a survival situation, making every step count and conserving energy is key to life survival.  For today’s CEO’s knowing exactly where energy (time and money) is expended is essential to not only business success but personal happiness and life balance.  It is from awareness of how you currently spend limited resources ie your personal and organizational time and money, that you can seek ways to conserve both forms of energy.

I recently hosted an EO Forum in which one CEO modelled conservation of energy in executive time including the scheduling of two hours for his morning power-up that included learning something new, daily journaling and physical exercise. This CEO also knew his best hour of the day and allocated that hour on his calendar for the key executive function of strategic thinking.

CEO Food for Thought on Conservation of Energy:

-Can you easily detail where your time and money is spent on a weekly if not daily basis?

-What is your best hour of the day that you should and could set aside for priority tasks?

-You might have a To Do List but what about a Stop Doing List?  (Tasks that can be delegated or eliminated)

-Search for Downtime an easy way to remember 8 common wastes reviewed in lean Management:  Note: We recommend focused awareness for one week on each of the 8 common wastes of energy and journaling potential energy savings:

D:  Defects

O:  Overproduction

W: Waiting

N:  Non-utilized talent

T:  Transporation

I:   Inventory

M: Motion

E: Extra processing.

-Finally, remember that one minute of planning saves 12 minutes of action. Plan your work and work your plan.

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5 Keys to Planning an Awesome Forum Retreats


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At YPO Retreats and EOTraveldestinations we work with YPO and EO Forum Moderators and Education Chairs to plan and execute life-changing Forum Retreats. Here are 5 Keys to winning rave reviews from your Forum Members for time well spent away from business and family.

  1. Know what success looks like.  Ask your Forum members to identify 3 magic genie wishes for a successful retreat. You can then design both the educational programming and experiential social activities of the YPO/EO Forum around those wishes.
  2. Define the budget, location and length of your YPO/EO Retreat. Poll your forum anonymously to help define the length, location and budget for the retreat.  At  EO Travel Destinations we use this data to develop at least two event plans and locations that meet retreats goals, budget and time restrictions.
  3. Hire an Event Team. Look for one point of contact who will coordinate both event planning and facilitation.  This will include negotiation with vendors, programming and an on-site facilitator/concierge. Testimonials matter in selecting a partner along with facilitation experience with YPO and EO Forums.
  4. Learn Something New. Be sure your retreat includes new learning experiences and skills for YPO and EO Forum Members that can be practically applied to both business and life.
  5. Mix Business with Pleasure.  Don’t underestimate the value of downtime as well as the inclusion of experiential learning adventures.  From white water rafting to axe throwing, ziplining, fly fishing and wine tasting, social adventures can provide unique bonding experiences where fun is the operative word.

EO Travel Destinations provides one-stop support for YPO and EO Forum Moderators and Retreat Coordinators.  Retreats are hosted at destinations in North and Latin America, Europe and South Africa.


YPO and EO Forums: A Focus on Creativity & Whole Brain Thinking


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Imagine if you had a facilitation tool that could guarantee effective creative problem-solving in YPO and EO Forums?  Bring it! That’s what we ask YPO and EO Members in Forum Retreats. Bring any personal or business challenge and give us 30 minutes. That’s the magic of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) in action at our  YPO and EO Forum retreats.  We recently returned from an EO Forum hosted Niagara, Ontario where forum members experienced CPS in action.  Each member of the forum served in the role of “client”  bringing their unique challenge to the Forum Think Tank.  Added bonus: EO Forum members were trained to facilitate the CPS process for their peers and team back home.  “It’s magical to watch the process develop real solutions for CEO’s, as well as build accountability and trust in the forum” 

What are the key elements of Creative Problem- Solving in  30-Minute YPO and EO ForumRoundtables?

  1. Position the problem as an aspirational challenge “In what ways might I…..”
  2. Defer Judgement as you separate divergent from convergent thinking.
  3. Post It Power:  Silent brainwriting for 1 minute by all forum members with 1 idea per post-it
  4. Theming of Solutions: Potential solutions are themed and developed
  5. Dot Voting (Convergence) on ideas for Greatest Impact and Ease of Implementation
  6. Begin work on the Solution Blueprint with next steps for accountability.

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YPO and EO Survival Skill 2: Adaptability

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Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life

Barry Rein from YPO and EO Destinations hosting a Forum in Costa Rica

5 Keys to Survival in the Wilderness and Leadership

  1. Awareness
  2. Adaptability
  3. Skills
  4. Conservation of Energy
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

In our last blog, we talked about Awareness as the Foundation of Leadership.  In a survival situation, Awareness is quickly followed by Adaptability to Changing Conditions. Never before in history have we experienced so much change due in part to the speed of technological innovation.  Just think, the jobs posted ten years from now have not yet been invented!

Great leaders are adaptable to not only changing conditions in the competitive landscape but are able to read and adapt to individual preferences in communication and thinking.  They understand that it’s not treating people as they would like to be treated that matters but treating others as they would prefer that is the real secret to building rapport and relationships.

Successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs also master adaptability through recovery competence. They embrace failure knowing it’s not falling but how quickly they get up that matters.  CEO’s and EO’s in our  YPO Forums and EO Forums focus on developing their adaptability through discussion of and celebration of their failures. They recognize that if they’re not failing and falling on occasion they must not be learning and stretching.  Failfest is one YPO and EO Forum activity that supports members to celebrate failure and share learning.

Adaptability to Changing Conditions is also practiced in mind/body connection and experiential and fun learning adventures hosted at YPO and EO Forums and Retreats. What does that look like? “For example, as Forum members experience white water rafting they learn to read the rapidly changing waters and adapt as a team” notes Barry Rein, principal at and EO Forum Retreats


YPO Retreats

and EO Forum Retreats

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