Executive Monkey Business In Costa Rica

monkey man

10 Reasons We Love Costa Rica for YPO and EO Executive Retreats.  As planners and facilitators for Executive Retreats,  including the Young President’s Organization and Entrepreneur’s Organization, we have our preference for destinations that consistently create WOW Factor.

In this blog, a focus on why Costa Rica makes the  list for top executive retreat destinations:

10:  Location, Location, Location:  With two major airports and flights under 5 hours from New York and California and under 3 hours from Florida, Costa Rica makes the list for  minimizing travel time and maximizing connection time of meeting participants.

9.    The Nature of Inspiration.  From an active Volcano to  Rainforests,  Mountains and Sea, you can almost select your retreat  environment, which represents the greatest biological diversity on the planet.  Biomimicry  is a tool for innovation and Costa Rica offers a natural laboratory for new ideas inspired by mother nature.

8.    Private:  Keep Out:  The magic of the Young President’s Organization and Entrepreneur’s Organization is  built on “Tribal Trust”. What we love about working in Costa Rica is the vast inventory of private villas for total exclusivity.

7.   A Learning Safari:  Our YPO and EO Adventures are based on experiential learning.  This means your learning is self-directed, i.e.  you can experience the sights and sounds of a physical adventure , while you also learn something about yourself. For example: You would be surprised at the lessons in awareness, adaptability and team communication offered by an exhilarating White Water Rafting Adventure.

6.   Pura Vida Spirit: “Pure Life”  There is an undeniable life force in Costa Rica that consistently inspires our Executives  to climb to that highest tree in the rainforest and realize a personal Ah Ha.  The value of immersion in a completely different environment has long been a creative muse and Costa Rica offers endless opportunities.

5.   Howling to the Moon and  with the Monkeys.  You have not lived until you have experienced a Moon Rising over the Ocean, nor quieted the voices in your head when hearing the sound of Howler Monkeys shocking you with their loudest voices on the planet.

4.   Wake up and Smell the Coffee:  . Long before the Starbucks rage, Costa Rica Coffee has made all of my mornings better.  On retreat, you  experience a  true coffee culture break.

3.  A Retreat for Every Budget:  I have planned Executive and Organizational Retreats for Fortune 500 and Non-profit organizations.  The beauty in Costa Rica, is we can make it happen for all budgets  with the diversity of tourism options.

2.The Tax Man:  For US-based Organizations, Costa Rica qualifies as a tax-deductible destination for business meetings. As Ben Franklin said “A penny saved is a penny earned”

1.  Happiest Place on the Planet:   Costa Rica ranks among the  Happiest Places on the Planet.  This happines translates to your total retreat experience.

Rosemary Rein is a Global Keynote Speaker and  the Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life”.  She lived in Costa Rica for 12 years and hosts/facilitates YPO, EO and Executive Team Retreats at exotic destinations around the world. rosemaryrein.com

reinrosemary@gmail.com    (239) 910-3354/ San Francisco, CA Based


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