Want Innovation? Consider A FailFest


As the Director of Global Learning for Wikipedia, I had the opportunity to design and host “FailFest”  a Forum for not sharing success and what  works, but rather sharing stories of failure and what didn’t work and why.  FailFests are particularly relevant as a knowledge management tool in global enterprises where repeating failures is costly and a barrier to scale and capacity building.

FailFests are being hosted not only in Silicon Valley, California,  but at organizations and global conferences around the world committed to innovation through continuous learning.

In YPO and EO Executive Forums, built on trusted tribal circles, Trust is currency.  In a world where CEO’s are expected to  convey confidence and competence to stakeholders, having trusted peers willing to not only share success stories but failures is gold.

Personally, my greatest learning has come not from successes but situations where I fell flat on my face and learned what I would do differently next time.

FailFest for the US Presidential Race?  If you are at all following  US politics, imagine Donald Trump not sharing how great he is,  but lessons learned from his greatest business failures.  Hillary Clinton  sharing not  her resume,  but what she learned from her mistakes as Secretary of State. That’s a debate I would tune into and one likely to frazzle both  candidates.

There is a formula and ground rules for hosting a successful FailFest that supports both learning and innovation. As a note for Conference Planners, Failfests are also a  fabulous format for just about any conference where peer learning is a priority.  The FailFest formula insures safety in sharing failures and a template for learning from them.  To receive a Free FailFest Kit, write me at reinrosemary@gmail.com or visit my web-site at Rosemaryrein.com


Rosemary Rein is the Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life. She is a Keynote Speaker/Facilitator for YPO/EO Forums, Executive Retreats and Global Conferences  on Leadership, Innovation and Customer/Employee Engagement.   A resident of Latin America for 12 years, Rosemary’s Leadership and Innovation Consulting Practice is based in San Francisco Bay, California.







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