YPO Go Wild! Leadership Retreat


The Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life”  Rosemary Rein in South Africa.  Rosemary’s  Book on Wilderness Survival Skills is the theme of YPO Forum retreats hosted in Costa Rica and  South Africa  Go Wild! Go GREAT! Survival Skills for Business and Life.

During a  3 – 7  day annual leadership retreat,  executive members of  Young President’s Organization  (YPO Forums) explore how the 5 principles of Wilderness Survival apply to not only surviving but thriving in business and life.


YPO Forum leaders explore the Survival Principle of  Adaptability on a thrilling White Water Rafting Adventure set amidst the natural paradise of tropical, Costa Rica.

Go Wild! Go GREAT! Leadership Safaris are hosted by YPOretreats.com.   The 5 principles of Wilderness Survival become a blend of mantra and motion at transformative retreats,  where forum members learn about themselves and each other.  The 5 Wilderness Survival Principles outlined in Rosemary’s book on life and leadership,  serve as the GPS for the 4 day executive learning adventure set in exotic destinations.

The 5 Keys To Wilderness Survival explored in the YPO Go Wild! Go GREAT! Safari

  1.  Awareness
  2.  Adaptability
  3.  Skill
  4. Conservation of Energy 
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

YPO Retreats works with the  forum moderators in selecting and booking the retreat destination, facilitator and experiences as well as handling of on-site logistics.   Other themes linked to innovation, improved relationships, parenting and work/life balance. A retreat itinerary and location proposal is provided to Forum moderators, so unique goals and preferences of the group become part of a co-created design.

For support in planning and hosting your YPO Forum Retreat contact:   YPOretreats.com

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