5 Tips for Hosting Inspired and Productive Leadership Retreats

  1. Just One Thing: What is the one thing your team will walk away at the end of your retreat?  Until you have that answer, don’t think about an agenda.  Leadership meetings  are often crammed and jammed with a stew of agenda items. Be ruthless in keeping to your core retreat outcome.
  2. Stimulate All of Their Senses:
    From Wine Tasting Events, to Fly Fishing, we plan YPO Forums and Executive Leadership Retreats which offer locations and social activities that  inspire creative and innovative thinking.  In addition to tapping into brain power, tap into sensability!
  3. Uber Mapping/Graphic Recording 
    One of the reasons we like UBER  is we  can track and see the progress of our ride. Consider graphic recording of your meeting which helps participants see the progress of their work.
  4. Themes Build Teams;
    Consider selecting a retreat theme. (Example: Play-Create-Succeed for an Innovation Retreat) Don’t forget to merchandise and brand your retreat as you would a product in both the invitation and wrap-up/celebration experience and communications.
  5. Hire a “Hit” Man/Woman
    Calculate the salary of every staff member going to the retreat in addition to hotel/travel costs. A professional meeting facilitator and event planner can insure your investment produces results and liberates you to be an active participant and thought leader.

rosemaryrein.com  / YPOretreats.com  Rosemary Rein is an Executive Leadership and YPO/EO Faciliator based in  San Francisco Bay, California.  She is the Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life” hosting creative leadership retreats in Silicon Valley and at retreats destinations around the world.



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