2017 Reflections – YPO & EO 10/10 & 10 List


Santa’s list may be tucked away for another year, but get ready!  2018 is here and time to make your  10, 10 & 10 lists.

10 Things you want to be

10 Things you want to do

10 Things you want to have

in the coming New Year/

In an article in Fast Company the origin of lists is explored with Ben Franklin referenced as the “Godfather of list making”.   Ben famously detailed a thirteen-week plan to practice important virtues such as cleanliness, temperance, etc. Each day meticulously tracking his list progress.

Another entrepreneurial list maker?  Charles Schwab, who called in efficiency expert, Ivy Lee to help Bethlehem Steel. Lee agreed to help the company for a fee determined by Schwab who would pay Lee only what his advice was worth. As the story goes, Lee’s advice to each member of the company’s leadership team was to write a to-do list at the end of each day which consisted of the six most important tasks to be done the following day.  What was that advice worth? Schwab, so impressed with the results sent Lee a check for $25,000.

Lists are a tool to manifest, prioritize and reinforce your aspirations.  Important note: Don’t bury the list.  Like our friends at Schwab keep it fresh and in front of you as a visual reminder of what success looks like.

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