YPO Retreats 2018 Destinations

Jake Bauer

A few years ago I wrote an article for CEO Refresher on the Jack Bauer Guide to Leadership.

That’s why I’m excited that YPO Retreats which I founded more than 8 years ago is now hosting a retreat sure to fire up adrenalin and provide YPO Forum members with “Some Special Skills”.  From threat elimination,  to hand to hand combat to McGuyver survival skills, extreme stunt driving, perfect pokers skills and even Bond martini mixology,  you’ll learn spy skills from expert operatives in this YPO Adventure, run by our partners at the MI6 Training Academy

Reach out to us at Forum Destinations

Warning:  Forum members will be forever changed from this once in a lifetime experience in spycraft.

Rosemary Rein is the Founder of YPO Retreats and Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life” which details the 5 skills needed in wilderness survival that apply to business and life.  Rosemary resides in San Francisco, California and Cuenca, Ecuador



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