YPO, WYPO and EO–Letting Go in 2018

26166049_2134420153241087_6505525388695676522_n (1)

Letting Go & Saying No: Burning of the Old Year and What’s No Longer Working December 31st, Cuenca Ecuador

I rather like the Ecuadorian Tradition of “Letting Go and saying No” on New Year’s Eve in Ecuador.   Last night, Cuenca streets were filled with dolls like the one above burned at midnight in a symbolic goodbye to all that we wish to leave behind in the New Year.

We are programmed to create lists of resolutions at New Years.  This is particularly true of high achievement CEO’s and Executives who if nothing else are “goal oriented”.

As we embark on a year of hosting YPO/WPO Forum Retreats, we are mindful that in today’s complex business ecosystem, an important ingredient of success can be found in the white spaces “being more by doing less”.

A  YPO Forum member recently shared with me that 2018 was to be “Her Year of No” as she sought to reclaim moments and in so doing hoped to reclaim her life.  Dinner Invitation?  “I’d love to but this is my year of No so I can concentrate on what’s most important …my family”.  Hard to argue with such an affirmative No and a powerful because.

YPO Retreats hosts YPO, WPO and EO Forums around the world focused on lifelong learning and leadership.  Visit YPO Retreats





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