What’s on your “Stop Doing List” in 2018?

This way That way

A wise executive once told me to replace my annual “To Do List” with a “Stop Doing List”.  While I haven’t been able to bring myself to totally give up those New Year’s  resolutions they now include 10 Things I need to stop doing in the New Year.  I can hear my fellow overachievers and pleasers wincing at the idea of a “Year of No” but just imagine your  liberation at declining that meeting or party invitation that you really don’t want to accept as  you hear yourself saying “I’d love to… but this is my year of No to concentrate on (my family, work/life balance, my health, etc…).

In YPO Forums at the top of  Zip-line canopy platforms in the rainforest, we ask YPO Forum  Members to share with their tribe,  what they are getting rid of that is no longer working for them.   Sharing your NO more list with your peer support is key.

So get ready to get rid of what’s no longer working for you in 2018 and in the interest of peer support, I’ll boldly proclaim my personal year of NO:

No to:

  1. Toxic people and environments
  2. Overcommitment
  3. Saying yes when I want to say no
  4. Processed and unhealthy foods
  5. Meetings without purpose or action
  6. Not standing up to disrespect when I see it
  7. Letting technology rule my daily life
  8. Watching too much news
  9. Not watching out for my body’s signs of stress
  10. Too much work and too little play.

What’s on your Stop Doing List for 2018?

Rosemary Rein is a social entrepreneur and the Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life”.  She is the founder of YPO Retreats












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