EO Forums and YPO Forums Underway


Our 2019 YPO Forums and EO Forums are underway with an upcoming adventure this month in the application of Wilderness Survival Skills to Business and Life. This week our team is in training in Ecuador for an upcoming EO Forum hosted in Niagara Falls, Ontario in February. “Burr Cold” you might say, but not for these adventurous entrepreneurs and forum members who will apply lessons in survival to their business and personal lives. On the EO Forum agenda, leadership survival skills, a bit of axe throwing and culinary and cigar appreciation experiences.

Why is Awareness the #1 Skill for today’s EO and YPO leaders?  According to research noted by Tasha Eurich, self-aware leaders are more confident, more creative, less likely to lie, cheat and steal and have more profitable companies.  Sounds like a good idea, yet only an estimated 10 – 15% of us are truly self-aware.  Self-awareness simply defined, is how we see ourselves and how we fit into the world around us.  In wilderness training, the first step to surviving is knowing self, environment and resources, yet many of us walk through life peeled to our technology devices completely unaware of what is right beneath our eyes and/or what is changing.

Awareness is the foundation of leadership (Knowing our strengths as well as weaknesses and blind spots; knowing our customers’ experiences and yes, perhaps most importantly the status and changes that happen in our business and personal relationships.)

EO and YPO Daily Reflection for Increased Self-Awareness

 Liked Best/Next Time Thinking:  Re-run your day, the week or even that meeting and presentation.

  1. What did you  (LB) Like Best? What went well?
  2. What would you do differently (NT) Next Time?

In our next YPO and EO Forum post, a focus on Survival Skill #2 Adaptability

From Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life

The 5 Keys to Survival:

  • Awareness
  • Adaptability
  • Skill
  • Conservation of Energy
  • Positive Mental Attitude

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