YPO and EO Survival Skill 2: Adaptability

monkey man

Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life

Barry Rein from YPO and EO Destinations hosting a Forum in Costa Rica

5 Keys to Survival in the Wilderness and Leadership

  1. Awareness
  2. Adaptability
  3. Skills
  4. Conservation of Energy
  5. Positive Mental Attitude

In our last blog, we talked about Awareness as the Foundation of Leadership.  In a survival situation, Awareness is quickly followed by Adaptability to Changing Conditions. Never before in history have we experienced so much change due in part to the speed of technological innovation.  Just think, the jobs posted ten years from now have not yet been invented!

Great leaders are adaptable to not only changing conditions in the competitive landscape but are able to read and adapt to individual preferences in communication and thinking.  They understand that it’s not treating people as they would like to be treated that matters but treating others as they would prefer that is the real secret to building rapport and relationships.

Successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs also master adaptability through recovery competence. They embrace failure knowing it’s not falling but how quickly they get up that matters.  CEO’s and EO’s in our  YPO Forums and EO Forums focus on developing their adaptability through discussion of and celebration of their failures. They recognize that if they’re not failing and falling on occasion they must not be learning and stretching.  Failfest is one YPO and EO Forum activity that supports members to celebrate failure and share learning.

Adaptability to Changing Conditions is also practiced in mind/body connection and experiential and fun learning adventures hosted at YPO and EO Forums and Retreats. What does that look like? “For example, as Forum members experience white water rafting they learn to read the rapidly changing waters and adapt as a team” notes Barry Rein, principal at yporetreats.com and EO Forum Retreats


YPO Retreats

and EO Forum Retreats

EO and YPO moderators work with us in full Forum meetings, spousal and family retreats.  Contact us at eoypoconcierge@gmail.com or call in the US (239) 910-3793


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